Release Your Stress – Workout With Friends Virtually!

workout virtually with friends and likeli
Are you missing the gym, yoga classes, spin classes, and workout classes with your friends?! 

We know it can be difficult during these stressful COVID-19 times to stay active. Everyday seems to pass by faster than we have ever experienced. Days begin to melt together…We wake up in the morning wanting to workout, but end up losing track of time and never end up getting around to it! Our at home environment seems to be constantly busy! Whether we are keeping track of our children running around the house, or cooking for the family, or online classes, or continuous work calls, we cannot catch a break…BUT we need to! Try to schedule your virtual workout today with friends on Likeli!

Exercising alone and motivating yourself to step away from work or get off the couch can be tough…mentally! However, our body needs us to spend energy in a different way and release stress through endorphins. Team Likeli wants to encourage others to not let this current change of scenery get in the way of your active habits and routines! Use this time to get more fit than ever before. Here at Likeli, we challenge you to start scheduling a workout break each day! Set alarms and stay committed. 

Fitness studios around the country are having their coaches constantly post workouts for everyone to follow along! Check out your favorite media platform, whether that is Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., and find a workout that interests you. We know it’s more fun to sweat with others so invite a friend to sweat together (virtually). Choose a date and time that works for you and your fitness buddies to stay active. Take the initiative to keep your workout routine alive!

Here at Likeli, we find Whereby to be the friendliest video platform! It is so easy, no downloads or logins for guests are needed! Try it out and schedule your first virtual workout today on Whereby!