What You Miss Most During Lockdown

what are you missing most

It’s hard to believe it has already been 2 months since quarantine began…and we want to know – What are YOU missing most? Take our quick and anonymous survey at the end of this blog!

Although this is starting to feel like the new norm, it does not mean we forget the past. Everyday we are thinking about memories and experiences pre-pandemic. We want to grasp those moments and take them back, but we are struggling due to uncertainty.  

What are you doing to stay sane during this shelter-in-place?

Although there is concern about the future, there is a silver lining to this pause on normal life. People are focusing more on self care, exploring new hobbies, becoming closer to God, reading more, finding their creative side, respecting nature and the list goes on…

Are you cooking more and finding new recipes you love? Are you baking more and creating new recipes that you are sharing with friends and family?

For many people, COVID-19 is bringing families and couples closer together. Parents have more time to take their kids out for a walk, a bike ride or a hike! We are not only learning about ourselves more, but we are getting closer to the ones in our lives, even if we are apart.  Who knows when everything will go back to normal, or if it ever will. But when this is all over, do not forget about the positives you have learned from this pandemic experience. What are you doing now that you will continue to apply and use when this passes?


As we are passing two months of quarantine, we are certainly searching for things to look forward to! In an effort to get some positive thinking about the future, we asked our team to share their daily or regular rituals that they miss most during life in Shelter-In-Place. Here is what the Likeli Team told us:

1.  Hug Someone!  

what are you missing most

It is challenging to stand six feet away from your closest friends that you just want to hug! After being away from loved ones, friends, and co-workers, we are very much looking forward to embracing one another when this social distancing is over. Who knew appreciation through physical contact was something we took for granted? There is something quite comforting in having proximity to others, whether that is in the daily commute to work by train, subway, or uber rides.  

2.  Finally get hair and nails done

what you miss most during lockdown

With the hair salons being closed, the girls on the Likeli Team can’t wait to get their hair cut, colored, and blow dried. Also, get some pampering in the form of mani/pedi’s! Our at home services and box hair dyes just aren’t cutting it.  Of course we will wait until it is safe to go into the salons, but we are so excited! 

3.  Go out on a date

what do you miss most during lockdown

Our weekly rituals have been altered immensely. A few months ago we were able to go to movie theaters for a Friday night date. But now that setting has changed to the couch with a Netflix flick. During this time, some of the Likeli team members have been ordering takeout from their favorite restaurants in an effort to support local restaurants. Although the food is delicious either way, we miss the subtleties of sitting across the table from our loved ones, surrounded by strangers, with a waiter or waitress taking our order. Another small experience we never knew we were taking for granted.

4.  Travel to those Bucket List places

what you miss most during lockdown

We miss the opportunity for travel near or far! The rituals we want back are heading to the airport with our loved ones and getting the excited and anxious feeling only traveling can give us. Looking out the big windows to watch the planes fly by, all done while holding a cup of coffee to keep awake.  When walking through the terminals, the world seems so full of possibility.  You can’t help but wonder where everyone is going and why, and even miss the chatter of delays, missed connections, and safety briefings.  With more and more countries opening up, we can’t wait for traveling to be back to normal. 


So, we want to know from you! 

What are you missing most during these times? Is it being able to go out and about without having to worry about if someone sneezes or coughs on you? Might it be, going out to dinner with friends or family? Are you missing school or college? There are so many activities we might miss, but we have to accept these times and try our best to stay strong. Please take our attached survey to tell us what you have been missing! We want to know 🙂