Likeli for College Athletics

The entire program, moving as one, towards a shared goal

Keep it simple

Likeli is an application that provides a single platform for team scheduling and communication wrapped in a student’s “intelligent planner.”

If it's on their agenda, they're accountable!

Student-athlete's agendas are updated, while all calendars remain private.


  • A customized personal agenda
  • Schedule changes auto update & notify
  • Send task reminders in a single tap
  • Support staff can add to agenda
  • Syncs to personal calendars

The group hub!

A single point of reference

Creating multiple groups assures efficient scheduling and messaging, only to the relevant people. Group events become custom agendas putting the right people in the right pace at the right time.

  • Directory of staff and team members
  • Group and 1:1 messaging
  • List of all events scheduled
  • One tap includes everyone!
  • Events sync to personal calendars