On-Campus Living Communities

Brings community & engagement together with academic commitment

Likeli provides a quiet and safe space for your community engagement to begin. A private network that looks and feels social. It’s not! No feeds, no FOMO, no hidden addictive behaviors, no noise from the outside.

…all wrapped in a student’s “intelligent planner”

One place to find it all

  • All dorm (floor) members
  • Important info & updates
  • List of scheduled events
  • Group & 1:1 chat

Keeping them informed and engaged

Just one place to look

The group hub provides a single place for residents to find all group members and all scheduled events. It’s easy to stay up to date and informed!

You know, the important things:

  • A complete group directory
  • Task reminders – get it done!
  • Important dates & deadlines
  • Lost & Found
  • Events & activities

Events, updates & notifications

Syncs to their personal calendar

New students need to feel welcomed & included. Sending personal invites that sync to their calendar is the best way to get their attention & get them to engage. 

Inclusive invites

  • 1 tap includes everyone!
  • Promote event awareness
  • Event management, who’s in!?
  • Pre-event engagement
  • Change update individual agendas

Put your important people front and center

Makes messaging and getting togher easy!

This is where you might put the people you depend on the most. One tap and you’re messaging. Tap & hold and find some time to spend some time together.