calendar hacks for good calendar hygiene

Check out our tips for good calendar hygiene! 

Similar to our previous blog post, managing a calendar is not an easy task!  A main reason for this is because it depends on your personal preference.  However, there are a few great practices to keep in mind when managing your schedule. These practices differ on the basis of whether you are using the calendar for business, for social events, or both. In order to manage your different events, find a way to differentiate them from on another.  We are here to give you some calendar hacks!

Keeping a clean calendar is essential to organization. You might ask yourself, “How can I keep a clean calendar when I have so much going on?” Here’s when discipline comes into play and Likeli can help! 

Tip #1: Create Multiple Calendars & Color Coordinate

On a day to day basic, we know it can be hard keeping track of multiple events! However, here at Likeli, we find it easiest to categorize different events into various calendars. Google Calendar gives you the ability to create multiple calendars in one calendar! Each calendar should represent a a certain theme. For example, your calendar title’s might include: “personal”, “business”, “school”, “errands”, “sports”, etc. As a result, your previous hectic events will now be organized into different themes throughout the day. However, these are only our suggestions, you can label your calendars however you would like! By creating multiple calendars in your Google Calendar account, you will be able to view your calendar easier!

When you create these calendars, we recommend to color coordinate each calendarColor coordination allows for quick recognition of what type of event you have coming up at a slight glance. For example, your business events might be blue, while your social events might be red and your educational events might be orange, etc. This type of color coding allows you to differentiate between events that may have just blended together before. 

Tip #2: Refrain From Overlaps

You want to stay away from overlapping events and obligations. During this time of social distancing and working from home, try to eliminate scheduling back to back to back calls and meetings. By doing this, your calendar will not only look less cluttered, but you will be more in control of your day to day routine without getting overwhelmed. 

Tips #3-6 are for the busy bees!
Create a daily routine that you are consistent in order to maximize your productivity! Here are 3 best practices for managing your schedule that are vital to success.
Tip #3: Blocking Strategy

Start blocking out times each day for specific activities! Within those blocks, put activities like work calls, assignments, class, creative time, time with the kids, cooking, workout, etc. This will allow you to keep on top of what you need to do, while not getting side tracked. This blocking strategy will make you more productive and time efficient, causing you to live a healthier and balanced lifestyle. You are in charge of your calendar, so make sure to give yourself blocks for social and free time, whether that is a call with your friends, a nap, meditation, etc.  Staying consistent forces you to commit to your routine! If you are more of a visual person, check out this video to see how you can correctly block out and organize your everyday schedule! #staycommitted 

Tip #4: Schedule Breaks Throughout Your Day

Many people lose sight of the importance of taking breaks throughout their work day. We tend to forget about it when we are so committed to getting as much work done in a day as we possibly can. The truth of the matter is, the human is not built to work straight 8 hours a day. The longer you work without a break, the lower your productivity. Members of Team Likeli try to give themselves a 5-10 minute break every couple of hours in addition to a lunch break! A lunch break allows your brain and body to refuel to be ready to tackle the rest of the day!

Tip #5: Optimize Your Meeting Times

Most meetings go longer than necessary. Setting a shorter limit on the meetings will notify invitees that time is valuable. This will force both you and the invitees to be efficient with time.  By creating 30 minute meetings, you set the standard on getting straight to the point. Optimizing your meeting times throughout the day will not only make your more productive, but your coworkers as well! 

Tip #6: Keep An Open Mind

Allow yourself to be creative and outgoing. While we spoke on the importance of routine in a business schedule, routine is not as crucial in a social schedule. Social events pop up all the time and it is hard to plan. Times differ, locations differ, and there are a lot of moving variables. 

Make your 2020 calendar the best it’s ever been! Master these tips and you’ll feel more control of your day then you ever have before. 

Hope you enjoyed reading our hacks to creating a better calendar hygiene! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to stay organized while working from home.


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