About us

Team members

Cynthia Ahr

CEO Founder

As an early adopter of technology, obsessed with organization and efficiency, Cynthia is determined to fix the fragmented and inefficient method for scheduling to meet with other people.

Cynthia has enjoyed a successful career building championship teams. And within Likeli Inc., she is building a community of talented and (com)passionate people, who together will bring this technology to the mainstream. Scheduling time with the people you want/need to meet with shouldn’t be difficult. She intends to solve this problem.

Zachary Draper

Technical Advisor, Likeli Inc.

Zachary has a long history as a successful entrepreneur and CTO. His experience is specific to the needs and technology Likeli Inc. proposes to offer. Cynthia and to Zachary to provide guidance in technical architecture, software engineering, and corporate organization as well as fundraising.

Carlos 'Charles' de Aguiar

Web Design Consultant

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Kimson “Son” Wong And Shaliemar “Mar” Abucay

Likeli is being developed in the Philippines be Koda Kollectiv

As the owner, Son, Director has brought his experience in both the private and public sectors to build a talented team of engineers and architects. Son understands the importance of integrity and how success can only be achieved by a strong and effective team

Director, KODA Kollectiv

Son has been in the field of technology for 11+ years working with the government, private institutions/corporations and international organizations. He has a background in education, full-stack development, team building and business. He founded KODA Kollectiv as a safe haven for technopreneurs and digital creators/engineers. Son understands the importance of integrity and how success can only be achieved by a strong and effective team. Being both an engineer and entrepreneur, Son’s background allows him to help KODA’s partners in learning cutting-edge techniques to improve their product and tradecraft.

Shaliemar “Mar” Abucay

Account Manager, KODA Kollectiv

Mar has 7+ years of experience developing software and managing teams. His experience revolves around Mobile development and web back-end. Mar is currently managing Likeli’s development team. He is in charge of planning and organizing the software needs in order to attain the product’s goals and targets. Mar’s love for the product and the team made him personally invested and committed to making Likeli one of the best scheduling app out there on the market.