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Spread the Love, Virtually! 
In order for us to fight this virus, we must stay true to quarantining.
Let’s stick together because…life is better together, even when apart.

This virus has changed the way we live, the way we act, the way we view our past and our future. Not only have we been ordered to stay in our homes to contain the spread, some people have lost their jobs, while others have lost a close friend or family member. Seniors in college are unable to grasp their last experiences that they were looking forward to their whole life. Graduation ceremonies are being postponed indefinitely, causing so much uncertainty. Currently, we have no concrete answers, which is stressful. However, we are all in the same boat, brought to the same level.. Money, class, race, and gender aren’t factors in this pandemic. We need to spread love, virtually. Here at Likeli, we can help you.

There is a silver lining to this all.

In order for us to fight this virus, we must stay true to quarantining and stick together with our hearts. We can touch the lives of one another through a call, a text message, a letter, a shipped surprise gift, and more. There are so many ways to reach out to friends and family that we may have lost touch with over the months or years. 

Here at Likeli Inc., we want to encourage people to start taking advantage of this downtime and think about relationships/friendships you miss and wish you reached out more in the past. Spread compassion through these times of chaos. Sending a surprise message of love not only makes someone else feel great, but will also make you happier! There are many benefits of giving. Try it today and see how you feel. Set up a video call with your grandparents that are the most vulnerable during these times. Team Likeli absolutely loves Whereby, it is the most user friendly video call platform we have ever used! Guests, like your grandparents who might not be as comfortable with technology as others, don’t even need to download or login. Just one click and you’re in the room! 


Life is better together, even when apart. 

Spread love virtually with Likeli. 

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