Top 5 RA Activities to Bring Your Residents Together

By: Gianna Jelic

Anyone who has left home for college knows the overwhelming feeling of anxiety when it comes to moving in and meeting the people you’re going to be living with during this pivotal time. Many students feel significant pressure when it comes to socializing and getting to know their peers. Luckily, each freshman dorm resident will be greeted by the Resident Assistant (RA) who carries the responsibility of making sure everyone on their floor is making connections. Ultimately, all an RA wants to do is to give students a safe space and environment they feel comfortable in.  

One of the best ways to meet people on campus is through the dorm community. With this being the first time in a year and a half that students will be living in dorms, the incoming sophomores will have to further rely on living on campus to meet more people. So not only do RA’s have to get the incoming freshman connected with their community but the incoming sophomores as well. After spending over a year in social isolation, they will need that extra help and support from their RA’s. 

That’s why we have come up with the top 5 best activities that will help bring residents together in this next transitional season. 

Top 5 Activities 

  1. Smash Bros Game Tournament Because who doesn’t like a friendly game of Smash? 
  2. Tote Bag Painting – Grab some paintbrushes, tote bags, and a good playlist and you have a chill and relaxing activity.  
  3. Bachelor Viewing Nights – An easy way to get residents to get to know each other with little pressure. Other options could be viewing parties for special sports events or movie releases. 
  4. Pizza/Ice Cream Socials – Pizza on a Thursday evening before a school basketball game that everyone will go together to will not only enhance their relationships but also their school spirit. Additionally, an ice cream social at the end of Midterm week would be great to allow everyone to catch up with each other. 
  5. Weekly Study Sessions – Who knew you needed to study in college? Another event for freshmen is in the first week of school to create a study session so it allows meeting people from their floor who may be in their classes.  


As well as creating events, Ra’s needs to make events with their residents to check in on how they are doing so far and get feedback on how they can improve. The way to ensure a real connection is through the app Likeli. The number of activities RA’s can create through the app are endless! 

Likeli will allow RA’s to get their residents to bond over several activities and events that can be sent through the app.  Everyone on the floor will get personalized invitations that they can respond to. Also with Likeli, the RA can create a group where they can chat and create different events for the residents to go to. From there, students can see if they can attend based on their schedule in the app and respond if they can go. This way the RA’s can keep track of who is attending and reach out to the ones that aren’t able to make it and find another day to create an event for everyone to come. All students want is to feel included and feel like they are a part of something, and Likeli makes it easier for RA’s to achieve that.