Time Management = Key to Success

By: Gianna Jelic

College can be a huge adjustment in many different ways.  New people, new location, new classes, even new challenges.  One main challenge that students face is balancing their time and keeping a schedule.  Whether you have more or less time than before, managing it is a whole task of its own.  

With all the opportunities college provides like different clubs or exciting classes, you want to make the most out of the experience and try to get involved with as much as you can.  You may want to join new groups and get involved in a lot more activities and school events since you weren’t able to for so long. 

During quarantine, students had a lot of time on their hands making the need for time management get pushed to the back burner. When students go in person for this school year, they will need some help.  And this is exactly where Likeli comes in.

With the app Likeli, you can have your class schedule, club meetings, sports events, chapter meetings and so much more all linked together in one place.  Instead of having separate apps for each group you are involved in, it will all be in one application.  For instance, Say you start school for the year and then decide you want to join the lacrosse team. Using Likeli,  you will be able to view both of your organization’s schedules on your Likeli home page.  From there, you start managing your time and creating events!  

So you may be thinking… Can I join this club? Can I make it to this study session for class?  All of these questions can be answered through a glance at Likeli.  Starting the school year off with structure will guarantee to set you up for success.  Likeli wants to make this big transition of your life as easy as possible and wants to see you succeed!