Who Do You Share Your Data With?

Note to self: Deleting an app from my phone does not deny its access to my calendar…

Who do you share your calendar with? Stop it!


Are you concerned about the privacy of your calendar? Have you ever looked closely at the permissions that you may have granted to applications so they can access your calendar?  They look a little something like this:


Ah, wait what!?!


Last week, I was working with my dev team to complete some regression testing. I was learning to break my own app. So, that was fun. But in the process, I was asked to remove the permissions that I had granted to Likeli to access my Google Calendar. And from there, I Googled it…of course. How to….


What I learned was horrifying!!! While conducting marketing research over the last couple of years, I had granted access to well over 10 applications. This was in addition to the numerous applications and services to which I had granted access for other reasons. This went back years. They were just sitting there, all of them, enjoying access to my personal information such as who, when, and where I had been. Oh my!


Of course, there are times when you do need to provide access in order to experience the benefits of a productivity app such as Likeli, which does not monetize personal data. However, if you are not getting value by providing access, it’s time to get rid of those freeloading apps accessing your Google Calendar. Here is how it’s done:


Step 1: From your laptop, go to Myaccount.google.com

Step 2: Click on Security

Step 3: Scroll down and click on, Third-party app with account access. And there it is!

Step 4: Click on the app you want to remove, and tap the big blue button, “Remove Access”



While you’re there, you might want to scroll down and see what Third-party app you use to sign in to accounts. It’s just good to know!

Image Step 1

Image Step 2

Image Step 3