5 Tips For Managing Zoom Recruitment

An awkward pause? Forgetting a name? We have all been there. 

Zoom Recruitment, a nightmare or a blessing? For many universities who have had to adapt to holding classes, clubs, and sororities in an online format, it has not been a small feat. To match appropriate guidelines of social distancing, self-quarantining, and virtual retreats–Zoom has replaced many universities’ recruitment processes. 

First, consider last year’s Zoom recruitment as a practice for this year. Let’s gear up now to perfect the zoom process. No more will we have a potential new member stuck in a break-out room alone, a song out of beat, or an awkward pause. This year zoom recruitment and recruitment management will flow smoothly with proper planning. 

Initial planning will make the new leadership and members’ life way easier. 


Tip 1 – Organizing Zoom Recruitment Management Using Likeli App 

Proper planning in the weeks and semester before recruitment will yield the best results. The meeting in the previous semester or quarter will give the recruitment team and members adequate time to nail down the themes, merchandise, budgeting, and goals. Finding a time for the whole recruitment management team to meet is excruciatingly difficult. By having your calendar updated, Likeli will find the best time for the whole team to meet, eliminating long text chains and emails. More meetings = better flow. 

Tip 2 – Learn to set up zoom breakout rooms 

To master the flow of recruitment, the sorority needs to appoint a technology chair who will monitor and prepare each party’s breakout rooms. This member will work as the tech support to solve problems as they arise throughout recruitment. No longer will a potential new member be left out or stuck in the wrong breakout room. This will ensure the correct matching of members and pnms. 

Tip 3 – Practice, practice, practice

Breakout rooms, singing, running through these kinks will allow for smooth transitions from room to room. Practicing break-out rooms may feel awkward and silly, but will prove to be highly effective. In practice breakout rooms, this is not a time to catch up with your sister, but to run through and answer questions. Staying on topic will help to understand which questions are the most engaging and natural. Run-throughs will allow for connections to be made between sisters from different grades, who have not had the opportunity to talk yet, form a bond. 

Tip 4 – Be confident in the plan and schedule 

Take a deep breath, after all the meetings, and invites have been distributed, it is time to have fun with recruitment! Likeli App will do the rest. Once the invites have been sent, members will be able to locate Zoom links with reminders to be on time and organized. Sororities can rely on Likeli to do the heavy lifting during the recruitment process, with reminders, invites, and last-minute meeting scheduling. Recruitment will never have been so easy. 

Tip 5 – Themes 

Focus on themes, settings, and effects for a more cohesive look. In-person, variety in clothing is great to display individuality, but on zoom, it can look messy. A dress code will provide the potential new members a guide for understanding who the members are and the other potential new members are. 

When the days of recruitment are over, it’s time to send your VP of Recruitment to the spa. The dedication and hard work are celebrated by recruiting a new class of wonderful women.  

Zoom recruitment may not be here forever (hopefully), but let’s make it the best we can! Fall 2021 recruitment chairs need to prepare for this format while hoping for it in person. 

Now, it’s time to plan and schedule the new sister education process!