A Student's Personal Assistant

Intelligent suggestions, so there's no guessing!

Student Planning & Communication Platform

Personal time management

Likeli is a powerful productivity application that empowers students to efficiently manage their academic schedule in combination with the many individuals, groups and organizations that complete the college experience.

 “Intelligent planning” is finding the gaps that exist through collaborative scheduling.

  • Customized personal agenda
  • Task reminders
  • Quick class entry
  • Smart invites for meetings & events
  • Syncs to Google and Apple Cal

Manage your organization with Likeli

It's like putting a personal assistant in the palm of their hand

Likeli is the most efficient way to manage groups, group communications and group activities. From study groups to college football teams, Likeli provides just one place to look for all member contacts, communication and events. 

As events are created, Likeli makes intelligent suggestions on the best dates and times, and then pushes to individual agendas. If changes are made, updates happen, notifications are sent…almost like they had a personal assistant.

Groups, communication & scheduling

  • Directory of all members
  • Group and 1:1 messaging
  • List of all events scheduled
  • One tap includes everyone!
  • Events sync to personal calendars